If you ride hard enough, you’re going to beat the hell out of anything you ride, including our products. Mountain Bikes stand up to a lot, but if you ride hard enough, you’re going to break things. Our warranty policy is simple – if it shouldn’t have broken, we will fix or replace it. What exactly does that mean? If you crash hard enough to dent or break something, that’s on you. If you leave your bike on the bike rack and run into the drive-thru overhang, that’s on you. If your angry ex runs over your bike leaving your driveway, that’s on you. But if something breaks or bends from normal riding, we’ll get you fixed up. If something breaks or fails because it wasn’t made correctly or there was a quality issue, we will get it  sorted out  as quickly as possible. Remember, bearings will wear out, rims bend, spokes break, and bolts strip. As bikes age and get some wear and tear, things happen. Take care of your parts. It’s your responsibility to maintain your ride. We offer replacement parts to keep your products fresh and ready for abuse.

Our parts are covered for a year angainst cracking or breakage and for two years for any worksmanship and defects.

The parts are covered for one year against worksmanship and defects. Beyond that, you will be able to contact the manufacturer for service or warranty.

If you have any problems at all, call us. We’ll help you get rolling again regardless of any warranty status, whether you’re the first owner, or even if the problem is entirely your fault. Shit happens. We’re here to help.

mike@torcycliing.com / (661) 621-2600

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