TR150 CNC Hubs

The ultimate lightweight, great grip aluminum race pedals.

7075 Aluminum Axles

The CNC machined hub bodies are built wiht 7075 aluminum axles, cassettes, and endcaps

Ultra-high Engagement

These hubs have an extremely precision 150 point engagement pawls and ractchet system

Large Precision Bearing

All our hubs use large, smooth precision bearings for durability and long life


Boost rear hubs are only 390g and boost fronts are 142g

Wheel Building Dimensions



Flange Dia. (R & L) = 58mm

Center to Flange, Left = 29mm

Center to Flange, Right = 38mm
STD 100

Flange Dia. (R & L) = 58mm

Center to Flange, Left = 24mm

Center to Flange, Right = 33mm



Flange Dia. (R & L) = 58mm

Center to Flange, Left = 38mm

Center to Flange, Right = 23mm
STD 135/142

Flange Dia. (R & L) = 58mm

Center to Flange, Left = 35mm

Center to Flange, Right = 20mm

$100 Front / $200 Rear

US Dollars / Free shipping

Why Should I buy this?

Precision engagement – At 150pt engagement, these hubs have some of the tightest engagement on the market. You’ll feel it when you ride and your friends will know you have some badass hubs when they hear the sound of screaming bees when you fly past them!

Quality and attention to detail – These hubs have forged CNC’d 6061 bodies and 7075 aluminum axles and endcaps for durability and long life. The front hubs use a 17mm ID bearing so you don’t have to mess around with floating endcaps but are also much lighter than 20mm systems.

Replacement parts are avaiable – That’s right, you can repair and replace small parts and keep your hubs fresh.