Splined Alloy Nipples

Extremely light and nearly strip-proof

Aluminum Alloy

These nipples are forged and machined from a 7000 series aluminum alloy

Splined for Strength

The splined interface locks with the wrench to virtually eliminate stripping


35g for a set of 72 nipples

Comes with Spoke Wrench

Each pack of 72 nipples comes with a winged wrench

Spec Information


The T-25 interface is so strong and secure that you can build the wheel from the outside and never touch the spoke end of the nipple.



Eliptical design greatly reduces sheering force


Patented splined shaft doesn’t strip or round out like a standard square spoke and spoke wrench interface

36.00 - 14g / 72 Pack

US Dollars / Free shipping

10.00 - Splined Nipple Wrench

US Dollars / Free shipping

Why Should I buy this?

Simple, they don’t strip! – The splined interface is so reliable, that they are virtually strip-proof. We’re offering the weight and style of aluminum with more reilability than brass.