We’re bringing

Sexy back

Introcucing Tor Teknika. A no-compromise line of precision machined mountain products designed to improve the experience of owning as well as using them. Incredible finishes, patent level technology, and incredible feel and performance.

Go fast – have fun

Teknika is an opportunity to have a little fun. Not just for us, but for you as well. We get to create our dream products without any concern for cost or practicality and you get to own something inspiring, fun, and extremely high performance. Exotic materials, advanced development, custom finishes; Let’s see how insane we can go with this!

Beautifully multi-axis machined from 7075 Aluminum

All of the Teknika products are CNC machined from strong, light, aircraft quality 7075 Aluminum using high quality multi-axis CNC machining centers. You can literally see the quality when you hold these parts in your hand.

User friendly custom titanium hardware

User friendly? Imagine if all your hardware used the same wrench? Our pedals= spindles, crank pinch bolts, and stem bolts all use a T30 torx – even though they are all different thread sizes. One size wrench keeps things simple and using torx keeps things secure since torx fittings are far more resistent to stripping than a standard allen.

Loaded with patent level technology

These aren’t just beautiful, nicely machined products, they are also ultra-high performance and loaded with innovation. The stems use our constrictor steer tube system that grabs all the way around the steer tube rather than just pinching it. Our pedals have self-extracting bushings and a split-bushing retension mechanism. Our cranks have a special 3-piece Cinch system. Loaded.

Custom Cerakote and ti finishes

Although Teknika products come in black on black anodizing with lasered tech details and gold titanium hardware, custom Cerakote finishes are available in one color with raw or in a duotone 2-color option. You can choose Fox orange, DVO green, or come up with your own colors to match your ride. You can even choose your titanium hardware color (rainbow, gold, black, blue, purple, or raw).