Custom titanium hardware

We machine our own titanium hardware so that we can maximize thread diameters to add strength and prefent stripping and at the same time minimize the bolt head to reduce weight and limit the overall size of parts.

T-30 Torx fittings

By machining our own hardware, we’re able to choose the wrench interface instead of using standard heads. This enabled us to use a T-30 Torx interface on all of the key bolts in the entire line. Crank arm pinch bolts, crank spindle bolts, all stem bolts, and even the pedal spindles. The benefits of using a nearly strip-proof Torx are huge, but we realize no one wants to carry a million tools so we kept is simple!

Choose your bolt color

That’s right, all of the Teknika products come stock with gold titanium hardware, but you can customize your’s with purple, blue, gold, black, or raw silver electro coated titanium bolts. Time to have some fun!

Choose your pedal screw color

We’re using steel for the pedal traction pins since they will have to take some serious impacts but that doesn’t mean they can’t be custom. Choose from purple, blue, black, gold, or stainless steel.